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Greenslade is an English progressive rock band. It was originally formed in November 1972 with the following line-up:

Dave Greenslade - keyboards & vocals (born 18 January 1943 in Woking, Surrey)
Tony Reeves - bass guitar (born Anthony Reeves, 18 April 1943, in London)
Dave Lawson - keyboards & vocals (born David Lawson, 25 April 1945, in Hampshire)
Andrew McCulloch - drums (born 19 November 1945)

Greenslade and Reeves had been original members of Colosseum. Lawson was previously a member of Samurai and McCulloch was briefly a member of King Crimson, playing drums on that band's third album, Lizard (1970). Dave Clempson (ex Humble Pie) guests on Greenslade's third album, playing guitar on two tracks. Reeves left around that time and was replaced on the U.S. tour and subsequent fourth album, Time And Tide, by Martin Briley who also contributed on guitar. Greenslade announced their disbandment in 1976.

However, in 2000, Dave Greenslade and Reeves teamed up with drummer John Trotter and vocalist/keyboardist John Young, and recorded a new Greenslade studio album: Large Afternoon. A tour soon followed and this was recorded and subsequently released in 2002, Greenslade 2001 - Live: The Full Edition

Greenslade-Greenslade @320
1 Feathered Friends
2 An English Western
3 Drowning Man
4 Temple Song
5 Mélange
6 What Are You Doin' To Me?
7 Sundance


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