Sunday, January 25, 2009

Shadows Of Knight-Gloria

Short History Of The Group By Wiki:

The Shadows of Knight are an American rock band from the Chicago suburbs, formed in the 1960s, who play a form of British blues mixed with influences from their native city (see Chicago blues). At the time they first started recording, the band's self-description was as follows: "The Stones, Animals and Yardbirds took the Chicago Blues and gave it an English interpretation. We've taken the English version of the Blues and re-added a Chicago touch.", to which noted rock critic Richie Unterberger commented: "The Shadows of Knight's self-description was fairly accurate. Although this mid-'60s garage band from the Windy City did not match the excellence of either their British or African-American idols, the teen energy of their recordings remains enjoyable,if not overwhelmingly original. The group took a tamer version of Them's classic Gloria into the American Top Ten in 1966, and also took a Yardbirdized version of Bo Diddley's 'Oh Yeah' into the Top 40 the same year

Shadows Of Knight-Gloria @320

1. Gloria
2. Light Bulb Blues
3. I Got My Mojo Working
4. Darkside
5. Boom Boom
6. Let It Rock
7. Oh Yeah
8. It Always Happens That Way
9. You Can't Judge a Book
10.Hoochie Coochie Man
11.I Just Want to Make Love to You
12.Oh Yeah (alternate version)
13.I Got My Mojo Working ((alternate version)
14. Someone Like Me (single release not on original album)



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the shadows of knight are a real estate conglomerate?

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