Friday, September 26, 2008

Traffic-Mr Fantasy

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Traffic were an English rock band from, what is now the West Midlands, formed in 1967 by Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, Chris Wood and Dave Mason. They began as a psychedelic rock group influenced by The Beatles when releasing early pop singles, and diversified their sound through the use of instruments such as keyboards, reed instruments, and by incorporating jazz and improvisational techniques in their music.
After disbanding in 1969 during which time Winwood joined Blind Faith, Traffic reunited in 1970 to release the critically acclaimed album John Barleycorn Must Die. The band's line-up varied from this point until they disbanded again in 1975, although a partial reunion took place

Mr. Fantasy
is the debut album by English rock band Traffic. It was released in 1967. For the recording, group members included Jim Capaldi, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood, and Dave Mason, however Mason left the band before the album was released. The album reached the number 16 position in the UK album chart on 30th December 1967, and reached number 88 in the American Billboard charts.

There are actually four different versions of the album when taking into account both the UK and US track listings and the different stereo and mono mixes. All have recently been re-issued on CD. The 1999 UK re-issue features the UK version in stereo and the US album in mono as bonus tracks. In 2000 the US stereo version was re-issued on CD with its original title Heaven Is In Your Mind plus stereo bonus tracks. The same year the original UK mono version was also released in the US as Mr Fantasy with mono bonus tracks

Traffic-Mr. Fantasy @320 (Thanks to Jimmy_B.He combined stereo and mono versions of the US and UK versions)

Heaven Is in Your Mind - stereo and mono
Berkshire Poppies - stereo and mono
House for Everyone - stereo and mono
No Face, No Name, No Number - stereo and mono
Dear Mr. Fantasy - stereo and mono
Dealer - stereo and mono
Utterly Simple - stereo and mono
Coloured Rain - stereo and mono
Hope I Never Find Me There - stereo and mono
Paper Sun - stereo and mono
Giving to You - stereo and 2 mono
Hole in My Shoe - stereo and mono
Smiling Phases - stereo and mono
Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush - stereo and mono
We're a Fade, You Missed This - stereo and mono
Am I What I Was or Am I What I Am - stereo


ps: Jimmy_B

pt4(contains 1 song):


pawlyshyn said...

I have the CDs these tracks are drawn from, and it's very interesting to compare the mono and stereo versions of some of the songs (for instance, Dave Mason takes the guitar solo at the end of Heaven Is In Your Mind in one version, but Steve Winwood does it on the other.
However, there's a problem: the links aren't working!

Papa said...

Hi pawlyshyn.

It seems that most of my posts on zshare are lost!
I really don't know what caused this problem.
Anyway i 'll upload again Trafic