Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cream-Farewell Concert .Albert Hall November 1968

In July 1968, Cream announced they were disbanding at the end of the year
Cream played two final shows at the Royal Albert Hall, on the twenty sixth of November, 1968. Both shows sold out within two hours .The shows were supported by Yes and Taste(featuring Rory Gallagher).Ginger Baker didn't feel that they were very good . "It wasn’t a good gig ... Cream was better than that ... We knew it was all over. We knew we were just finishing it off, getting it over with." .

I have the 90 min DVD version of the farewell concert and i always thought that this was one of their best live performances despite Baker's opinion :) Just listen to the raw,high powered "sunshine of your love"

I' ve found this cd version on 101guitars.com .

Cream-Farewell Concert.Albert Hall November 1968 @192

01 - White Room
02 - Politician
03 - I'm So Glad
04 - Sitting On Top Of The World
05 - Crossroads
06 - Toad (Missing Intro)
07 - Spoonful
08 - Sunshine Of Your Love
09 - Steppin' Out

URL: mihd.net/8z9i4a

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